Little Things in Life.

Accidental Collision did not, as its name suggests, come about accidentally. 2012 has brought along a tirade of new experiences for me – one of which is my new university course. It was not my most prominent change this year, but it has been affective enough to have led me onto the blogosphere path that many have (and still do) wandered along. Blogging has never been a hobby that’s interested me. I’ve attempted to many times, attempted to keep writing actively, but as the years went by I came to the understanding that I’m a person of change. Change excites me, and with that, I have come back to the topic of my new course that started this whole blogging idea.

Three days into the first semester this year has already made me a little weary of the ever changing world around me. As a new media student, I am meant to be aware of major events occurring around the world everyday. The mini pop quiz at the beginning of my MDIA1002 lecture this afternoon has brought to light just how little I pay attention to my ever changing world. In an attempt to accustomise myself to taking in more information, I’ve come home and started a blog. Oh, and I got a #Twitter. They’re not life changing events, but little things like these potentially open my eyes to a broader spectrum of the ever changing world of new media. It wasn’t an accidental collision that’s led me onto the blogosphere – and neither was it a recommendation. But in the end, one little thing mentioned perhaps just briefly, could open many doors for me.


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