10 things that really annoy me.

There were a few breaking news topics that I was going to blog about over the last two weeks, but when I thought about it, there was already a variety of articles covering both stories and I didn’t feel like I needed to restate the same thoughts and comments that many people around the world was already talking about/trending online. But just if you were interested, the two topics were:

1. Bus monitor being bullied.

2. Batman massacre at Aurora, Colorado. 

If you have no idea what happened in either of those topics, I suggest you google it, because they’re both interesting. I would love to hear your thoughts on either of those situations if you want to discuss it. I have strong viewpoints on both situations and I’m sure most people do too.

However, I did decide not to blog about them because as I mentioned before, they’re two situations that have received a lot of press. The second reason I didn’t blog was because I’ve been swamped with stuff to do for uni. No excuse, but sometimes I just don’t want to expend energy churning out words, when I’ve been doing that all day.

MOVING ON, I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you’re not here to read about my excuses for not blogging. So I present to you, the 10 things that really annoy me. Some are pretty recent, and some have annoyed me for a while now. This topic sprung into my mind while I was doing my readings for a course this morning and getting annoyed at my tutor/lecturer (same person) for some pretty silly things. But they’re not silly to me!

The list is in no particular order, and it sure doesn’t encompass everything that annoys me (wow, I’m such a whiny girl), but here goes:

10 things that annoy me (at this point in time)

1. When lecturers leave out large chunks of text from their lecture slides and expects me to be able to copy every slide down and listen at the same time. Especially annoying when you’re not told which parts are not included on the slides they upload at the end of the lecture, and you’re stuck there trying to write down everything but failing miserably because they go through the slides so quickly.

2. Really rude customers that wash their hands by pouring water from their bottle onto their plate. Seriously, the toilets are not that far away…

3. People that ace through life without any effort.

4. Cityrail track work on the weekends when I’m working.

5. Insensitive people who don’t think before they speak. Karma will always bite you, a*holes.

6. People who are always late.

7. People who don’t turn off the tap properly.

8. People that look at me and smirk like I’m beneath them. (She’s a pretty self-centred ‘cheerleader’ so make of that how you will.)

9. People that are ‘committed’ to something but never turn up when your need them, or pull out at the last minute because they’re lazy.

10. When I’m broke.

Wow I seem to get really annoyed at people … not sure what to say about that really. I mean, these are some of the main things that continuously annoy me, do they even annoy anyone else? Number eight is pretty recent. The girl was in my tute last sem, and every time I walked into class, she made eye contact with me and smirked. Ugh, media girls. Not sure if it’s just me, but a lot of the people in the media course seem to think they’re amazeballs. And it’s starting to get to a point where I’m definitely getting really annoyed about it…can you tell? 😛


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