Most stressful week ever.

I always knew week 5 this semester was going to be stressful, but it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror this morning that I fully understood how stressful it actually was … and I had thought I was managing myself pretty well. Just to recap, I had:


  • MDIA1003 PR Presentation (15%)
  • Work


  • FASS Ambassador interview (20 mins … and had to trek all the way to uni for it)


  • MGMT2705 Practical Assignment (30%)


  • Work
  • My rabbit Mia got sick and had to rush her to the vet. This was unexpected, but it definitely added to my stress levels. I was already having a very bad Thursday because my group members for ARTS1091 hadn’t completed their sections for our wiki assessment and that meant I couldn’t really edit. And they were replying also. *pulls out hair*

Friday (Today):

  • ARTS1091 Global Mapping Assignment due in half an hour. (20%)
  • Dinner at Leichhardt with Ben … meant as a destresser (can’t wait)


  • Double shift at work

I know I shouldn’t be complaining … “wait till you get into the real world Joy!” Blah, blah, blah. It’s been a hectic week alright?! Although to be honest, I really thought I was handling it well. I’d completed all my assignments by Saturday last week, so I wasn’t stressing out trying to keep up with the deadlines. I think what really pushed me over the edge and into stressville was the fact that I was already so exhausted yesterday (9am lecture then studied till I headed to work at 3) after work, but when I called mum, she told me my rabbit was sick. It was so unbelievably hard trying to keep myself from breaking down on the train.

If you don’t own a pet, I’m not quite sure how to explain to you about the attachment I’ve developed for my rabbit over the two years she’s been in my life. I know pet owners will understand, they really become someone you depend on. It doesn’t help that I cry really easily either.

So when I got home yesterday, I rushed to see her and she was very tired and kept trying to find a good position to lie down in, rolling around like she was about to die (what happened when my first rabbit died. From old age though). She wasn’t eating or drinking water, and people that have seen my rabbit knows how much she loves to eat.

I was devastated. This has happened twice before, but mum thought she might have been bitten by some poisonous mosquitos this time round, and my friend Michelle told me that once bitten, it’s incurable.

I cried. A lot.

When she looked like she was getting worse, we took her to the 24hr vet in Sylvania. Prior to going though, she finally willingly drank 5 tablespoons of water, which was a huge relief. So when she got to the vet, she was a lot better than before.

Thankfully she also started running around again, and the student vet said that she probably had gastro problems. This meant she couldn’t excrete properly, so she wouldn’t eat and was feeling very uncomfortable, hence the rolling around and lying down. The student vet wanted to keep her overnight, but Mia was getting much better so I wanted to take her home. She was completely fine by the time she got home, and even started to eat again!

So. Much. RELIEF.

But yes, back to the point of this post … yesterday night was truly the tipping point for me. When I woke up this morning, my face was like a minefield. (2 mines … but still, they’re HUGE!) I have no idea how high-power business people manage all this stress on a daily basis, but  kudos to them. I honestly can’t thrive on stress. I’m someone that’s never pulled an all-nighter before. I like completing my assignments early so I have time to go over and edit them. I value my sleep too much.

[I actually stopped writing this post for half an hour because I had to go off and add more stuff for my ARTS1091 group assignment … and do some editing. 10% of the assessment is peer-marked. Take that as you will.]

Not quite sure how I want to end this blog post, but just want to tell everyone too make sure you’re drinking a lot of water when you’re busy. It’s so easy to forget to keep yourself hydrated when your mind is off elsewhere. On Tuesday, I thought I was getting sick because my throat hurt, but I drank water like crazy and was much better again on Wednesday. Manuka honey is also a very good investment. Ever since I started taking a spoonful a day, I’ve felt much better and haven’t been sick yet.

So yes, hopefully you’re better at handling stress than me! Good luck to everyone that’s starting mid-sems, or are just having a bad week.


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