Review Policies

Hi there, thank you so much for checking out my policies page. I really appreciate your time!

Book Reviews

I love requests from authors, publishers and publicists and am open to reading most genres. However, I do prefer Young Adult, Science-Fiction & Fantasy, Contemporary and Romance. Please keep this in mind before you contact me!

I also accept requests from self-published authors, but reviews may take a little longer to do. I apologise in advance, but I will always get around to it eventually, never fear!

Please let me know if you have a specific time frame you’d like me to review a book by (eg. 2 weeks prior to publication). It’ll make it much easier to keep track of everything.

Other Features

This includes book tours, author interviews, giveaways etc.

I am more than happy to do any of these, but once again, please give me specific dates so I can get them organised in time.

Other Information

I usually leave reviews on my blog (thoughtsbyj.) and Goodreads but I’m also open to other platforms such as Amazon. Just let me know.


All my reviews will be written honestly in order to maintain integrity and openness among my readers. I do not accept money in exchange for reviews purposes. Images and book synopsises have been borrowed for marketing purposes and remain copyright to its rightful owners.

Please do not redistribute any of my work. 

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I must stress that I am currently a full-time student at university with a part-time job on the side. I try to read and review as much as I can but there can often be a delay due to all my commitments. I will always let you know if I am unable to make a dead-line, but just keep in mind that sometimes life outside of the Internet may get in the way. 😛

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